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Trial offer on our four snack lines! Available as 125g and 350g variant. Irresistibly sustainable – see for yourself!

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Our sustainable range

Wet food

Wet food made from insects for gourmets

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Dry food

Protein-rich food made from insects for dogs with a low to high activity level

from 3,75 €

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Delicious insect-based treats for puppies and adult dogs

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EAT SMALL for climate savers

Insect food is the sustainable alternative! Insects emit far less CO2 and use far fewer resources than other farm animals, but provide the same high quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins to dogs.Every time you feed your dog Eat Small, you work together to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the enormous consumption of water and land. Like real environmental and climate savers!

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Eat small for allergic dogs

Insect food is perfect for dogs with allergies. 80% of all food allergies are directed against the meat it contains! In contrast, allergies to insect protein are extremely rare.Nevertheless, insects provide your dog with all the important amino acids and nutrients in the same way. That makes them theperfect alternative for sensitive dogs!

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Get to know the EAT SMALL Community!

The EAT SMALL dogs and their humans all have one thing in common: They want to eat really healthy food and at the same time take responsibility for our planet. Let’s all EAT SMALL in order to have a positive impact on the environment and the climate! Our community is YOU, all friends of healthy dogs and a healthy planet!

Which insects do we use?

Our delicious dog food and cold-pressed snacks for dogs are made from two different types of insects:

  • Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly)
  • Tenebrio molitor (mealworms).

They are bred in certified European companies that meet all EU production and hygiene standards for food of animal origin.

Why Insect Power?

Thats what our customers say:

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