Hello, we are Eat Small!

Our insect protein dog food is inspired by our vision of a healthier and more sustainable world.

Vero & Gema

Eat Small Gründerinnen Vero und Gema halten ein Schild mit dem Eat Small Logo vor sich und einen Hund auf dem Arm

Our philosophy

Eat Small Gründerin Vero kniet neben zwei Hunden

Véronique Glorieux

Outdoor fan, adventurous and scientifically oriented

Co-founder of Eat Small and long-time veterinarian for cats and dogs. Veronique’s mission is to create the most nutritious and healthy diet for your pets. Our delicious and nutritious insect protein supports the health of our four-legged friends as well as the planet. If you have any questions about our recipes and ingredients, she’s here for you!

Eat SMall Gründerin Gema kniet zwischen zwei Hunden

Gema Aparicio

Creative, dynamic and open-minded

Co-founder of Eat Small and creative director for our visual communication. Gema’s mission is to introduce you to our great insect protein food in a simple and attractive way. She builds the bridge between our products, our ethical values and our customers. She is there for you if you have questions about marketing and sales.