12. November 2019

Ethics and insects in dog food

29. April 2019

Clean feeding for dogs with Anke Jobi

Eat Small Insect Power is happy to present amazing people who have distinctive ways to approach dog nutrition. Meet Anke Jobi and discover what Clean Feeding is.
27. March 2019

Proteins! Do you know what your dog’s protein needs are?

What makes the quality of a protein? Are there any differences between insect, other animals or plant proteins? What do our dogs really need?
27. March 2019

Would you recognise a food allergy if your dog had it ?

Would you recognize a food allergy if your dog had it? These dogs are of different ages, breeds and sex. However, they have all been sharing skin symptoms for a few months now.
15. February 2019


More and more, we hear about cold pressed dog food. What is the cold pressing process and how does it differ from regular food? Are there any advantages?
15. January 2019

A sustainable dog life with Kinga Rybinska

In 2019, Eat Small, Insect Power for pets is happy to present amazing people who have distinctive ways of thinking when it comes to our relationships with pets.
7. December 2018

10 Christmas hazards you need to know to avoid spending holidays at the veterinarian

As delicious/interesting as they may seem for our pets, many holiday items prove to be hazards which can endanger our 4-legged friend's health.
25. October 2018

Is my dog an entomophagous?

Is dog made to eat insects ? Dogs and humans possess a long history of cohabitation and mutual assistance.For ages dogs have eaten all kind of food shared by men, which made their digestive system very adaptable.
6. September 2018

What to do if Your Dog isn’t Eating?

What are the Reasons for Appetite Loss? It is a common symptom of a host of medical conditions. They are also behavioral reasons for Anorexia
2. June 2018

Everything people always wanted to know about edible insects in dog food

INTERZOO: THE PLACE TO BE May 8 to May 11, Eat Small participated in the international pet industry’s largest exhibition: INTERZOO.
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