20. May 2020

How Eat Small insect-based dog food can help dogs suffering from leishmaniasis

Insect protein from Hermetia illucens is low in purines. Learn how an insect-based dog food can help dogs suffering from leishmaniasis, a life-threatening mosquito-borne infection.
24. March 2020

Tips to entertain your dog during quarantine

You are not available to play because of home-office or home-schooling but your dog doesn’t stop barking to get your attention or just doesn't stop asking you to throw his favourite toy? At Eat Small, we thought of a few ideas to keep your dog busy while you're busy in quarantine!
5. February 2020

Biting parasites! Why we should also protect dogs during winter.

While some parasites, like fleas, usually only cause itching, others such as ticks, can be vectors of potentially serious or even fatal diseases. Many dog owners stop protecting their dogs from parasites between December and April. Do those parasites die during winter?
12. November 2019

Ethics and insects in dog food

Is it ethically acceptable to breed insects en masse and then use them as food? Incidentally, how are insects treated in livestock farms? How are they euthanized? Do they have a better life than the livestock breeding in our current industrial plants? Important questions when it comes to animal welfare.
29. April 2019

Clean feeding for dogs with Anke Jobi

Eat Small Insect Power is happy to present amazing people who have distinctive ways to approach dog nutrition. Meet Anke Jobi and discover what Clean Feeding is.
27. March 2019

Proteins! Do you know what your dog’s protein needs are?

What makes the quality of a protein? Are there any differences between insect, other animals or plant proteins? What do our dogs really need?
27. March 2019

Would you recognise a food allergy if your dog had it ?

Would you recognize a food allergy if your dog had it? These dogs are of different ages, breeds and sex. However, they have all been sharing skin symptoms for a few months now.
15. February 2019


More and more, we hear about cold pressed dog food. What is the cold pressing process and how does it differ from regular food? Are there any advantages?
15. January 2019

A sustainable dog life with Kinga Rybinska

In 2019, Eat Small, Insect Power for pets is happy to present amazing people who have distinctive ways of thinking when it comes to our relationships with pets.
7. December 2018

10 Christmas hazards you need to know to avoid spending holidays at the veterinarian

As delicious/interesting as they may seem for our pets, many holiday items prove to be hazards which can endanger our 4-legged friend's health.
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