25. October 2018

Is my dog an entomophagous?

Is dog made to eat insects ? Dogs and humans possess a long history of cohabitation and mutual assistance.For ages dogs have eaten all kind of food shared by men, which made their digestive system very adaptable.
6. September 2018

What to do if Your Dog isn’t Eating?

What are the Reasons for Appetite Loss? It is a common symptom of a host of medical conditions. They are also behavioral reasons for Anorexia
2. June 2018

Everything people always wanted to know about edible insects in dog food

INTERZOO: THE PLACE TO BE May 8 to May 11, Eat Small participated in the international pet industry’s largest exhibition: INTERZOO.
7. February 2018

Dog food: the three trends in 2018 that you must know!

Dog, the man's best friend? People who set high standards for their nutrition apply the same to their four-legged friend. To meet the growing demand for quality diets, the dog food industry innovates and improves constantly. Here are the strong trends for this year.
26. January 2018

How a Canadian veterinarian and a Spanish designer revolutionize the future of dog food

Nothing destined Véronique Glorieux and Gema Aparicio to associate professionally. Nevertheless they have created a dog food whose main ingredient is nutritious and eco-responsible insect proteins, that meet the sustainability goal of the 21st century.
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