Tips to entertain your dog during quarantine

Who could have predicted that the change of decade would be followed by a tsunami on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic? In just three months, the microscopic enemy has achieved what global warming has been struggling to do for years: mobilize all the world’s governments in a common struggle. No one can tell now how will end the battle and its exact consequences. One thing is sure though. Today, the citizens of the planet are united behind the same goal: to stop the virus from spreading.

So here we are, all together, but each one at home! …with our beloved dogs!

Humans and dogs have their habits turned upside down

Being confined, even in the comfort of your home, requires a reorganization of many aspects of the daily life. Tele-working may not be as relaxing as it seems, especially if you also have to plan time for the kids… and your pet.


Our furry friends are often used to a daily schedule governed by the presence and absence of their owners. Now, many dogs find themselves with their humans around them all day long. Your four-legged companion doesn’t understand why his familiy is not available to play because of home-office or home-schooling.

In several cities where movements are restricted, dogs used to spend a lot of time outside, to go running with their sporty master or to take long walks in the neighborhood or in parks, have to cope with short outings for their little business and must return home without having spent all their energy. What’s going on?

Keep your dog entertained while working

You have an important call but your dog doesn’t stop barking to get your attention? You are trying to keep your kids focused on their math exercices but your ball of fur keeps bothering them to throw his favourite toy? At Eat Small, we thought of a few ideas to keep your dog busy while you’re busy too:

1. If you need complete peace and silence during an important call, be strategic. Don’t synchronize his meals with yours, but plan them rather during your work. It will be quiet moments that everyone will enjoy, including your dog!

2. Is your pet used to eat his dinner in 30 seconds? Use specially designed games or objects to hide his pellets and make him work to earn his favourite insect food or Eat Small snacks. You can even craft one yourself with the kids. It will be a creative activity for all! For example, here you can learn how to make a snuffle-mat to hide the food.


3. Another way to keep your pet busy for a while is to wet his dry food WALD or URBAN NATURE with water, soften it and mash it. You can even add mashed bananas, potatoes or carrots. Then, fill a hollow toy – like a kong -, freeze it and you will have the perfect delicacy that he’ll love to lick for the half an hour of your children’s mathematic lessons. Silence guaranteed.

4. Cut your home office day with at least 3 breaks with the whole family. Take the opportunity to have fun, entertain your four-legged friend and have him spend energy. Teach him new tricks, throw him the ball, hide his favourite toy and make him look for it, do a scratching and cuddling session, involve the children!

5. Being alone? What’s wrong with a little bit of solitude? If your dog is used to spending part of the day alone, you can leave him in his cage or in a closed room to maintain his routine, especially if you’re working and the house is relatively quiet. It will be easier for him to readjust when things will return to normal and you’ll return to work.

Because, yes, things will get back to normal!

Eat Small sends you a lot of Insect Power during these unusual times, which can also be positive for getting back in touch with a slightly slower pace of life and other priorities. One thing that the current crisis teaches us for sure, is that it is possible to join together for a common goal to make our tomorrows brighter than our past.

Together with Eat Small, keep alive the vision of bright tomorrows!

Véronique Glorieux is a canadian-board veterinarian who cumulates more than 10 years of medical work and experience with dogs and cats. Animal wellfare and environment are 2 topics that moves her. She lives now in Berlin, where she co-founded Eat Small and uses her experience in a different field of practice. With healthy and sustainable insect-based pet food she aims to support both the health of pets and of the planet.

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